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We know Black and brown trans girls often experience higher levels of violence at home, school, and work. We also know that trans girls and women have BEEN organizing in the community and within chosen families to keep each other alive and their resources sustainable for generations to come. This movement has progressed in the past few years due to the immobility of the world, which forced us to move digital and media only if we wanted to be social—launching tremendous and influential programs and initiatives by staying true to my commitment to center Black, Brown, and Indigenous trans folks.


We found Tranzzlation centering BIPOC, which is so needed in a time of crisis. We were reminded that we are our strongest when we fight side by side. Through this year and the next, we will continue to thrive and battle toward Trans Liberation and gender justice. With the help of the community and allies alike, we will be able to reach the unreachable. So join us on the road to a brighter and safer future for all. It's time to give back to our local communities, which we call home, to heal our collective souls and plant those seeds so our future generations can thrive. 

We Need Your Support !

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