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Tranzzlation has experienced directors who are both black women of trans experience, formally engaged in the sex work industry. With our focus heavily being on BIPOC trans folk, we have to look at the places they occupy, not only where they take up space but also where they’re often missing. Through an intersectional lens, we created safety and sex workshops, professional development, and care packages. We are also helping to navigate the period from sex work to post-sex work employment, should they choose that route.

Tranzzlation seeks to address these issues through our harm reduction safe sex workshops and care packages. It also helps them navigate legal help and education around criminal cases about sex work, specifically prostitution. Through our work, we notice how hard the transitional period from sex work to other means of employment is. We found that most of these days, we could have little to no work history outside the sex work industry. So, we are creating one. For trans and non-binary folks, that means connecting them with resources to ensure their documents match their identity.

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