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Give a Look OTA KiKi Ball

This event was created/curated by one of Seattle's own, Mufasa Moschino, Overall Founding Father of the Vivacious KiKi Haus of Moschino. The KiKi Ball gave room and opportunity to invite the community in. Not only to have fun but to safely have fun and create that intergenerational component that is so vital for BIPOC Queer communities to thrive—focusing on creating a Brave Space because, in this day in age, we can't always promise safety. 


Give a Look 
OTA KiKi Ball Flyer

Hiero 007 .vs. Glen Coco Ada
Final Battle OTA Performance


Overall Father 
Mufasa Moschino 

Celeste .vs. Miss Honey Moschino
Final Battle OTA FF Face 

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